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Urologist :

Mr. Tenga (Tanzania)

I had been diagnosed with cancer of the prostate during a routine health checkup at a prestigious private hospital of Ahmedabad 8 months back. I had been advised for a surgery. Me and my wife met Dr. Rohit Joshi at Tanzania for my problem and were very impressed with his concepts and advice. We decided to go to Aarna Superspeciality Hospital, Ahmedabad for my treatment. Dr. Rohit Joshi, Dr. Gaurang Kadam and the entire team successfully performed laparoscopic surgery for my prostate cancer. We were very much impressed by the warmth and care taken by the entire staff during our stay in the hospital. All the hospitals have good medical facilities and infrastructure but the most distinguishing quality at this hospital was the sense of being a part of a family where care is taken in the most loving and humanely way. I am extremely grateful to the doctors and the entire staff at Aarna Hospital for their help and support during the most critical hours of my life. We wish the entire team at Aarna Hospital to carry on the good work.



I had been diagnosed with large renal stones with infection in Kenya for which I was treated in my country. I came to know of these two wonderful urologists, Dr. Rohit Joshi and Dr. Gaurang Kadam who work at Aarna Superspeciality Hospital with the most advanced technology for treatment of stones viz. Holmium LASER. I came to India at Aarna Hospital for my treatment. I was operated for my stone via a small puncture in the kidney and the stones were cleared by Holmium LASER. The best part was that I was on my feet in the next 24 hours and moving around, I never felt that I had undergone a major surgery. I was touched by the love and warmth bestowed upon me during my stay at the hospital by the entire team of doctors and staff. To my surprise, I was encouraged to go for what I love the most, shopping within 72 hours of my surgery. I never knew that surgeries could be so comfortable and minimally invasive. I congratulate the management and the entire team of Aarna Superspeciality Hospital for their excellent work and patient friendly approach.

I was diagnosed to have BPH (benign prostate disease) for which I was advised surgery. But the problem was that I wanted to go to Australia for ICC Cricket World Cup since I am an avid cricket lover. I wanted to undergo surgery which would have a fast recovery so that I could watch the World Cup live. I underwent HOLEP (Holmium LASER prostate surgery) at Aarna Superspeciality Hospital under the care of Dr. Rohit Joshi and Dr. Gaurang Kadam. The best part was that my catheter was removed the next day and then discharged. I was a bit surprised but also impressed with the technological advancements available. I am extremely thankful to the entire staff at the hospital for taking my care during my short and sweet stay. I am extremely grateful to the team of doctors to make it possible to fulfill my dream of watching World Cup, Live in Australia.


Dr. Bhumir Chauhan - Neurologist

Vivek Yadav

It was excellent experience. I visited the clinic for first time for some neurological issue, the Doctor not only diagnosed the right problem but have also guided the solution. Believe it or not but my problem got immediate solution with his prescribed medication. Within 15 days I got nearly 70% relief. And I am quite hopeful that it will reach 100% soon. Thank you Dr. Bhumir.


Apoorwa Thakkar

I really got lucky to have such a great Doctor, I came back from UK, about 1 and half year ago and that time I had a parasitic infection in my brain. my treatment was going on back in UK, due to some reasons I have to come in half way of treatment, I was so scared and mentally up set for my further treatment. My family doctor suggested me Dr. Bhumir for my further treatment regarding my condition, At first place I have to convinced myself but, I was so relaxed and pretty satisfied after first meeting. We started our journey towards fight with unusual condition, and after a year journey with lost fluctuation with condition, we won our journey. I fully recovered with Dr. Bhumir’ s calmness and acknowledgment, I would like to say he is a one of the best doctor, especially patient like me who are so inpatient.
Thank you so much …always thankful.


Palak Mandhyan

The best Dr. Bhumir Chauhan I have come across in my life. 13 years of severe migraine struggle and seeing it fading day by day feels like a blessing. Can’t describe how patient and a good listener Dr.Bhumir Chauhan is. Thank you for treating my decade old pain. You have been a blessing to me.


Pratap Singh

Thank you so much Dr. Bhumir sir to impose your great experience to heal the issues with a Pleasant smile.
You are a type of Doctor who is and will be blessed with the Wishes of your clients…..
Great Doctor, Outstanding devotion and Extreme talent…


Dr. Prakash H Vazirani

Pravinbhai Rajkotia

Dr. Prakash Vazirani is an expert and noble person. He is friendly and takes his time to listen patients. He has very good manners and excellent skills. I have always found that the doctor is very helpful and gives proper advice.


Dr. Sanjay Rajput

Ayushi Rabari

Dr. Sanjay Rajput is one of the greatest doctors ever my father met, half of suffering will disappear by meet this doctor once , their consultancy style is great, positive vibes comes from this doctor, which is greatest quality of any professional. Good work sir.


Soni Parin

Excellent service and best communication skills of staff with best respond. It’s really good experience. I am really thankful to Dr. Sanjaybhai Rajput. He is really good person and down to earth and also thanks to Dr.Vishal sir for supporting to us like family member.


Sarthak Chauhan

If I brought my mama about 6 months ago today, even though He was treated all over Gujarat, there was no difference, but since the treatment started here, there has been a lot of change in him health. I am very happy with the work of Dr.Sanjay Rajput.


Ajeet Kumar

An Excellent Highly Professional Doctor. No one in the similar equality either in professionally or human behavior dealing with patients. Highly experienced professional doctor.


Chetan Patel

It’s really good experience. I am really thankful to Dr. Sanjaybhai Rajput. He is really good person and down to earth. He cured my IBD(ulcerative colitis) in just a year.


Mehul Solanki

Excellent service and best communication skills of staff with best respond. It’s really good experience. I am really thankful to Dr. Sanjaybhai Rajput. He is really good person and down to earth.


Sejal Brahmbhatt

Dr. Sanjay Rajput is excellent doctor in Gastrology related diseases . He is co- operative, supportive and down to earth nature.my mother treatment done my him I am satisfied with treatment given by him and I thankful to doctor Sanjay Rajput sir.

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