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Moment of joy with Aarna Superspeciality Hospital

Joint damage is painful and creates troubles for the body with everyday moments. Joint replacement surgery replaces a broken, damaged, dysfunctional, or arthritic joint with plastic, metal, or ceramic prosthesis. The department of joint replacement at Aarna Superspeciality Hospital offers a range of ingenious treatments, which cater to needs of the patients and help them reduce pain, correct posture, and resume normal activities.

We specialize in hip and knee joint replacements. We are known as one of the best hip and knee replacement hospitals, providing advanced orthopedic treatments and surgeries. Having experienced doctors on board who offer the best-in-class spine, orthopedic, and joint replacement treatment- we have become one of the top choices for many patients. We are committed to delivering the highest quality orthopedic with care 24*7 CCU backup.

We at Aarna Superspeciality Hospital provide orthopedic joint replacement by articulating expertise, innovative care, and expertise technology. The highly qualified orthopedic surgeons offer best orthopedic treatment and surgeries for complex problems. With all the advanced facilities for ortho surgeries, diagnosis, and treatment- Aarna Superspeciality Hospital offers the best joint replacement surgeries for a range of joint problems.

Our Team

We have the best orthopedic surgeon in our team who has extensive experience in orthopedic surgeries and has performed >2000 joint replacements, >500 arthroscopy surgeries and has created a mark of excellence with a patient-centric approach. Our orthopedics department is taken care of by Dr. Saurin Shah, Dr. Shaishav Soni, and Dr. Mukesh Shah.

About Dr. Mukesh Shah

Dr. Mukesh Shah

(Orthopaedics & Joint Surgeon)

Dr. Mukesh Shah (Orthopaedics), FAOS (Germany) is a well-experienced Orthopadic Surgeon in Ahmedabad, providing exceptional treatment and care in the department of Orthopaedic since 1995. He is extremely skilful in dealing with any complex orthopedic trauma (polytrauma and complex trauma).

Abou Dr. Saurin Shah

Dr. Saurin Shah

(Orthopaedics & Joint Surgeon)

Dr. Saurin Shah MS (Ortho), FAOS (Germany) is an experienced and enthusiastic joint replacement surgeon. He was in the European Knee research center, Leuven, Belgium, in 2011. Because of his meticulous surgical techniques, his patients can walk on the very next day of surgery. He has a success ratio of >99% to date.

About Dr. Shaishav Soni

Dr. Shaishav Soni

(Orthopaedics & Joint Surgeon)

Dr. Shaishav Soni has an avid interest in knee joint surgeries. He has achieved excellent results in arthroscopic surgeries through his knowledge, skills, and experience. He has vast experience in various types of knee joint surgeries such as joint replacement, arthroscopy, and osteotomy.

Our Services

We provide the following services-

  1. Total Knee Replacement
  2. Total Hip Replacement
  3. Arthroscopy (Keyhole Surgery)
  4. ACL Repair
  5. Trauma Surgeries
  6. Revision Replacement
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