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Overcoming malignancies with compassion!

The word ‘cancer’ is enough to invoke anxiety and discomfort. This malignant disease not only affects the ones who develop it but also puts their family in distress. Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body. Oncology is a vast domain that deals with diagnosing, treating, and studying various cancers. The treatment procedures include medical, surgical, and radiation oncology to manage the spread.

All the patients with the possibility of cancer are thoroughly tested to confirm the presence of any such disease. Subsequent subtyping of disease and staging helps our oncologists decide the ideal treatment modality. Whatsoever the treatment route is, the pain and trauma the cancer patients go through are difficult to imagine. At Aarna Superspeciality hospital, we not only understand your unique medical needs but also provide high-quality oncology services across a wide spectrum.

Aarna Superspeciality Hospital offers the best cancer treatment modalities with a systematic approach and advanced therapy. Strict adherence to international standards and quality makes our oncology department an undisputed leader in delivering the best treatment and care. Working closely with other subspecialities, i.e., surgical oncology, radiation oncology, and supportive care, we adopt a 360-degree approach to cure the disease and ensure healing.

Our Team

Backed by an experienced team of oncologists, we believe in delivering world-class treatment and care to our patients. Our oncologists have years of experience and expertise in treating patients with terminal illnesses. Our Team worked hard to develop the subspecialty of ‘Palliative Care’ so as to provide good quality life to patients with non-curable disease. Our ‘Support Groups’ that include old treated and cured patients and social workers help out these patients during and after treatment. Our department has also integrated ‘Alternative treatment modes’ including meditation and psychotherapy to improve the patient care.

Our Surgical Oncology department is providing treatment for:

About Dr. Mukul Trivedi

Dr. Mukul Trivedi


Dr. Mukul Trivedi, MBBS, MS- General Surgery, Mch (Surgical Oncology), is a renowned surgical oncologist in Ahmedabad. With over 20 years of medical experience, he has excelled in various oncology surgeries specializing in treating ‘head and neck’ and breast cancer. He has worked 14 years to Gujarat Cancer and Research Institute and has expertise in handling complex cases, he is a reliable name in this domain.

Our Services

Aarna Superspeciality Hospital provides oncology services across a broad spectrum for diverse treatment needs. Following are the services that we provide to ensure comprehensive cancer care-

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