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Department of orthopaedics& trauma

Damaged or broken joints caused due to any reason can be very painfuland distressing. Aarna Superspeciality Hospital’s orthopaedics and trauma service department is a comprehensive department, providing dedicated diagnosis, treatment, and managing various orthopaedics conditions. With the most up-to-date surgical techniques, we ensure patients will receive the highest standard of orthopaedics and trauma care.

Our orthopaedics department is equipped with the most advanced equipment and technologies to ensure patients receive world-class treatment and leave the hospital healthy and happy.

Orthopaedic Dept. is supported by a highly efficient team of critical care specialists, Neurologist, Neurosurgeon, Anesthetist and General Surgeon for backend support to patients having complex orthopaedics patients. We work closely together to have seamless communication, closely monitor the patient’s condition and provide the right care and treatment.

Our Team

Aarna Superspeciality Hospital is proud to be backed with expert orthopaedics in the department, and the department is supported by ortho-trained staff and nurses. Our team is dedicated to providing round-the-clock service to manage critical patients. Whether you have an emergency, elective surgery, or have a follow-up visit, our experts will always be available to help you with compassionate treatment and care.

About Dr. Mukesh Shah

Dr. Mukesh Shah

(Orthopaedics & Joint Surgeon)

Dr. Mukesh Shah (Orthopaedics), FAOS (Germany) is a well-experienced Orthopaedic Surgeon in Ahmedabad, providing exceptional treatment and care in the department of Orthopaedic since 1995. He is extremely skilful in dealing with any complex orthopaedic trauma (polytrauma and complex trauma).

About Dr. Saurin Shah

Dr. Saurin Shah

(Orthopaedics & Joint Surgeon)

Dr. Saurin Shah MS (Ortho), FAOS (Germany) is an experienced and enthusiastic joint replacement surgeon. He was in the European Knee research Centre, Leuven, Belgium, in 2011. Because of his meticulous surgical techniques, his patients can walk on the very next day of surgery. He has a success ratio of >99% till date in knee joint replacements.


About Dr. Shaishav Soni

Dr. Shaishav Soni

(Orthopaedics & Joint Surgeon)

Dr. Shaishav Soni has an avid interest in knee joint surgeries. He has achieved excellent results in arthroscopic surgeries through his knowledge, skills, and experience. He has vast experience in various types of knee joint surgeries such as joint replacement, arthroscopy, and osteotomy.

Our Services

Our team of orthopaedics and trauma offers diagnosis, care, and treatment for a variety of complex musculoskeletal, disorders, and trauma.

  1. Vascular injuries involving complex fractures of the limbs and limb salvaging
  2. Complicated Pelvic and Acetabular fractures
  3. Infected fractures & Infected Non-Union fractures
  4. Gap Non-Union fractures, Failed & Redo fracture surgeries
  5. Debridement of skin/muscle/bone/fractures
  6. Incise finger tendon sheath
  7. Carpal tunnel release & Removal of support implant
  8. Polytrauma
  9. Spinal disorders like Spinal Tumours, Osteoporosis, Lumbar Spinal stenosis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Spondylosis, Spinal MuscularAtrophy
  1. Surgeries for long bone fractures of upper and lower limbs.
  2. Carpal tunnel release
  3. Removal of support implant
  4. Repair of rotator cuff tendon
  5. Polytrauma
  6. Arthroscopy
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